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Morisfarms Artisanal Pasta | 100% Made in Tuscany

Morisfarms artisanal pasta is made from 100% durum wheat grains grown exclusively in the Tuscan countryside and at our own Poggetti Estate in Maremma.   
The production process blends tradition and technology ensuring optimal texture and pliability while custom-made bronze extrusion molds create the desired shape. The pasta then undergoes a slow drying process that preserves both the flavor or the wheat and the texture of the pasta.

Authentic quality is ensured with stringent quality controls, passion, and attention to detail. The ingredients are simple: durum wheat semolina and water.

Morisfarms pasta line now includes Pappardelle, Pici, Spaghetti and Penne.


Pasta durum semolina bronze die 100% Tuscany

Pasta Morisfarms - 100% TOSCANA