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Artisanal Durum Wheat Pasta - Bronze Extrusion

Pasta durum semolina bronze die 100% Tuscany

Our pasta is the result of the combination of selected durum wheat grains and water.
It is a production process that blends tradition, modernity, and technology, with stringent quality controls, passion, and attention to detail.

The dough processing ensures optimal texture and pliability, while custom-made extrusion molds create the desired shape.

This pasta, made with durum wheat semolina from the Tuscan countryside and our own Tenuta Poggetti in coastal Tuscany undergoes a slow drying process that preserves the flavor of the wheat and the texture of the pasta.

The artisanal production, with bronze extrusion and low-temperature drying, guarantees authentic quality.

The ingredients are simple: durum wheat semolina and water.


Tenuta Poggetti
Tuscany Wheat
Tuscany Wheat
Tenuta Poggetti

Pasta Morisfarms - 100% TOSCANA